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《조안 코믹스 JOAN COMIX》

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Title 《조안 코믹스 JOAN COMIX》
Date (Start) 1970-01-01
Date (End) 1970-01-01





 조안 코믹스 JOAN COMIX

Black humorous comic strips and artworks, delivered in cheerful colour and with smile. Spanish cartoonist and artist Joan Cornellà is holding his second solo exhibition in Seoul entitled 《JOAN COMIX》 with Studio Concrete. His work offers a cutting commentary on social mores, cannibalism or suicide, through to disability, taboos and political correctness. Since his first solo exhibition in Seoul in 2016, he has been attracting fans' interest in what will be on display at his second exhibition. If you're going to be visiting Seoul area sometime this month, make sure to stop by Studio Concrete and browse through Joan Cornellà's illustrations, rest and enjoy yourself.


See below for some of Joan Cornellà typically unsettling works:





Image - Time Out




Image - Pinterest




Artist                   :  Joan Cornellà

Genre                 :  Illustration

Schedule            :  From April 6 to April 30

Place                  :  Studio Concrete / 스튜디오 콘크리트

                            (Operating under Yoo Ah-in, a popular actor, 

                                 with a creative group of artists born in 1980.

                                 The studio is a creative space for people to

                                 enjoy arts and fashion around the world.

                                 Art gallery cafe on the 1st floor, an artist

                                 workshop and a terrace on the 2nd floor.)

Address              :  162 Hannam-daero, Hannam-dong, 

                              Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Opening Hours   :  Mon - Sun / 11am - 9pm

Website              :  www.studio-ccrt.com

More Info            :  www.instagram.com/sirjoancornella




source : studio concrete, Joan Cornellà facebook

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